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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Middle East

Location: Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia (that portion of Turkey west of the Bosporus is geographically part of Europe), bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Georgia, and bordering the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Syria
Geographic coordinates: 39° 0' N, 35° 0' E
Coastline km: 7,200 km km
Climate: temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters; harsher in interior
Terrain: high central plateau (Anatolia); narrow coastal plain; several mountain ranges
Elevation: lowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m highest point: Mount Ararat 5,166 m
Natural hazards: severe earthquakes, especially in northern Turkey, along an arc extending from the Sea of Marmara to Lake Van
Currency: Turkish lira (YTL)
Population: 70,413,958 (July 2006 est.)
Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish, Dimli (or Zaza), Azeri, Kabardian
Capital: Ankara
Divisions: 81 provinces (iller, singular - il); Adana, Adiyaman, Afyonkarahisar, Agri, Aksaray, Amasya, Ankara, Antalya, Ardahan, Artvin, Aydin, Balikesir, Bartin, Batman, Bayburt, Bilecik, Bingol, Bitlis, Bolu, Burdur, Bursa, Canakkale, Cankiri, Corum, Denizli, Diyarbakir, Duzce, Edirne, Elazig, Erzincan, Erzurum, Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Giresun, Gumushane, Hakkari, Hatay, Icel (Mersin), Igdir, Isparta, Istanbul, Izmir, Kahramanmaras, Karabuk, Karaman, Kars, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kilis, Kirikkale, Kirklareli, Kirsehir, Kocaeli, Konya, Kutahya, Malatya, Manisa, Mardin, Mugla, Mus, Nevsehir, Nigde, Ordu, Osmaniye, Rize, Sakarya, Samsun, Sanliurfa, Siirt, Sinop, Sirnak, Sivas, Tekirdag, Tokat, Trabzon, Tunceli, Usak, Van, Yalova, Yozgat, Zonguldak

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Surf Equipment
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Seasonal swell & wind variations

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Zones (1) Surf Spots Sub zones
Black-Sea 8 0

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Surf Spots

Surf Spots (17)
Quality Direction Type Frequ Experience
Alacati - / -
All surfers
Alanya, Keykubat 3 / -
Right and left Sand-bar All surfers
Anamur 1 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Antalya 3 / -
Right and left Sand-bar All surfers
Baby Point Side 1 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Castles 2 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
embryo point 3 / -
Right and left Sand-bar Beginners wave
Ephesus Selcuk - / -
Right and left Beach-break Beginners wave
Karaburun - / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Karatas - / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Kilyos - / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Kusadasie 1 / -
Right and left Beach-break Beginners wave
Özdere Plaj 1 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Patarra beach - / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers
Provo cut - / -
Right Reef-coral All surfers
son çare 1 / -
Right Beach-break All surfers
Stone Tombs 2 / -
Right and left Beach-break All surfers


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 Last surf sessions

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Alanya, Keykubat
De Surfer69
Abr 11, 2012
Nice day -

 Last surf trips

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De Surfer69
Do Ago 10, 2011 ao Ago 7, 2013



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jams - I high appreciate this post. It’s hard to find the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! would you mind updating your blog with more information?
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